Why you should think of backup data as a part of your business strategy

More than 30% of people never backup their data and up to 90% of businesses were affected by data breaches and cyber-attacks. If in 2016, 721 million records were lost or stolen, in 2017 we had a double of amount and only in the first half of 2018 we’ve reached over 3 billion records compromised (an increase of 72% compared with H12017)[1]. Some of the lost data were personal information, trade secrets, but most data breaches involved files, documents, and other sensitive information. According to a New York Times interview, experts said that cyberattacks could be “so damaging to revenue and customer expectations that small businesses are forced to close.”

Cyber-attacks will remain a continuous threat of the future in every industry. Businesses need to commit and implement security solutions, moreover having in mind the new technologies that each company is looking to increase their visibility, time to market and customer retention via digital transformation.  Today’s modern IT solutions offer surprising advantages to keep the company’s data safe.

Since during the last week-end everybody have celebrated World Backup Day, let’s see what we can do for the security of your data.


Backup on the go


It is very convenient and comfortable because your worry about data storage is non-existent. Since emails are almost dead, many IT solutions are concentrating on creating an online platform for your team, whether is a remote one or not. It helps you collaborate much better, anywhere and in a secure way. A good IT platform can give you instant access to all your data, allowing you to switch between video, voice, private/team chat channel, projects. While you work, all your data are encrypted and backed up.  More-over very important is the control and storage of the encryption keys, but also the flexibility brought down to the level of user for the individual file recovery.


Secures your data

The cloud backup is cost-efficient and it offers more options for scalability, while experts monitor it. In case of any lost (natural disaster, cyber-attacks) you can always restore all your data on one or all devices. Every file has unlimited previous version histories, so human errors like deleting can always be avoided.

Even if your computer, laptop, tablet or mobile phone is broken, you will never lose important documents because the virtual server is active 24 hours a day and will never surprise you in a bad way.


Makes you compliant with GDPR requirements


Since May last year, the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) came in effect since, forcing all companies to be compliant with the European requirements. A customer or partner confidential information cannot be lost or fall into the wrong hands. A report shows that 113 phones are stolen every minute. Think of the potential damages that can affect your business. While in Romania, people and mostly the company management are not that much in GDPR (yet!), taking it still a Buzz-word, your business partners take into seriously their rights and are asking each one of you to take the necessary technical and operation measurements, to document, implement and measure the proper results.


Improves your business scalability

Forget about the times when backup was done on a different physical device. Cloud storage is expandable. If the space on a hard disk can fill completely at any given time, the virtual cloud hard disk can expand at any time, missing the effort to buy a more spacious hard drive.

Besides its protective role, cloud management with its backup feature included can help you grow your business. Take the example of an accounting company where now are 5 employees and in two months will be 15 employees. This means that the accounting company needs huge resources: graphics, SAGA program, database servers, audio-video communication, Office suites, back-up service, disaster recovery, etc. After two more months, the number of employees will be 10. A cloud service for the 4-month period is the best investment that a manager can do.

Think of backup as a part of your business strategy. The future is digital in a competitive environment. We invite you to find more about cloud management and cloud services from our team’s experts and our very important partners like Veeam or Symantec.


Secure the Breach with adequate measures! Happy Back-up Day!

[1] Information publicly available on https://breachlevelindex.com/.

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