IT Support – On Site and Remote

IT support

On Site and Remote, depending on the situation and customer needs


Our commitment

We build strong relationships with our customers and continually seek to understand ways in which we can ensure services that meet business needs. We are committed to providing the highest level of customer support in all our offerings, containing the ability to evolve over time, depending on changes in operational activity.

Onsite support

If you experience network or service problems that cannot be resolved remotely, the Unity Solutions Team will send an experienced professional to resolve existing system and related services issues in your IT infrastructure. We use emergency levels, so that allocating resources there will have maximum impact. Also the entire operational system is ISO 20000 certified, being in accordance with the best practices of ITIL,the operational process being ensured by a System of HelpDesk/ServiceDesk dedicated per customer and specific to the type of activity of type Managed Services Provider. (system access to


Remote Support

Remote assistance is convenient, providing fast response times, eliminating the extra time it takes to get on-site transport, of course, when possible. From our headquarters we provide Level I, II and III support for most network infrastructure, according to the ITILmethodology.

  • Real-time solutions
  • Solve problems as they arise
  • Root case analysis
  • Short and fast reaction time
  • Increases staff productivity
  • Save time and money

Unity sets a new standard for qualified and reliable IT support and provides a comprehensive solution that gives you the support you need at a price you can afford. Whether you need to complement your existing IT staff or outsource it to it completely, we strive to provide value and experience to exceptional customers.

Our fully managed and remote ON-site IT support plans can be tailored to your needs. offering a fixed budget hedging style, or if a flexible number of hours of assistance will be required throughout the year, you can plan your expenses and receive the best hourly rates. by contracting a few necessary hours. Our on-site and remote IT support contracts are designed to meet our customer’s needs, from a unique location to large and complex multi-site networks.