IT Outsourcing

IT Outsourcing

Coverage of resource needs and/or IT expertise

There are situations where OUTSOURCING IT services becomes the most viable option:

Lack of specialised staff

The best IT specialists are hard to find – especially in IT. To overcome this situation, the Unity Solutions team will be at your disposal in accordance with good practice in the field (ITIL) through remote work or where the situation requires it by this on-site to the customer.

Specializations in a specific field

Many projects require either super specialized technical roles – limited as the period within the project. Situations may also occur when certain specializations in temporary positions within certain projects, positions that are not attractive to existing resources, which cannot be covered due to lack of capacity.

Complex projects

Addressing a complex project requires a lot of technical knowledge and expertise. Without the necessary knowledge, the situation of the project can become difficult, even leading to non-compliance with deadlines and even its interruption, or why not to the loss of internal or external financing. Last but not least, when starting a project, account is taken of its opportunity and the calculations of ROI (return of investment) or more directly said the direct operational benefits that can bring additional revenue or spending reductions

Short terms

Getting the right results at the right time can be the difference between success and failure. Without the necessary resources and technical knowledge, the deadlines within the projects cannot be reached.

Support and Consulting

Outsourcing of IT services also includes consulting and support services for existing or ongoing projects

Low costs

Companies using IT outsourcing services completely eliminate internal staff costs, often leading to cost reductions. If we take into account the professionality of the Unity Solutions team, the documentation of the execution will lead to the increase of the competence of the client’s team and the possibility of continuing the activity of support, maintenance, subsequent modifications with existing resources.