Industry Solutions


Redefine the client lifecycle

Our banking solutions help you deliver your brand in a personalized way to your customers. The modern workstyle empowers your teams, optimizes operations and automates the digital process. It is a matter of time until all financial institutions will enhance their business model the advantages of agility, security and create new value for collaborators and customers. Attract new customers and define new amazing experiences to your existing ones.

Build Customer’s loyalty

Understand your customer needs and define their lifecycle by using the solution, which helps you create personalized interactions. Our solutions will give your team a 360 0 view of the customer and actionable insights. Be in touch 24/7 with your clients, using their preferred method of communication.

Think in relationships

Today you must not think about numbers, think in relationships and customer experience. Our solutions help you make relevant customer offers because of the predictive analytics, which reveals real-time intelligence and anticipating their next purchase. Unity Solutions; banking solutions boost your customer loyalty, empowers your team with real-time insights and predicted analytics and drive profitability for your organization.

Deliver banking experiences

You can ensure transaction continuity across channels, delivering personalized banking experiences, boosting customer loyalty and profitability.

You can restructure marketing efforts by getting rid of unwanted communications and increase your customer satisfaction.

Stronger risk management

Take advantage of unlimited elastic cloud resources to drive stronger risk management and respond to regulatory compliance demands. The solution enables you to drive faster, more granular risk analysis, modeling, and simulation—to improve risk insight, manage risk bursting according to market events, reduce infrastructure costs, and respond more quickly to regulatory pressures.

Optimize productivity

Boost your employee engagement and customer retention, while streamlining security and compliance requirements. Our banking solutions enable you to have real-time communication, cross-team sharing, and predictive analysis, discover market insights and foster innovation.

Multichannel Customer Experience Management

Our banking solutions allow you to optimize your bank’s omnichannel strategy to intelligently anticipate customer needs and personalize services. You will achieve a stronger brand presence across every channel and touchpoint.


Next generation customer experience

Health organizations around the world are trying to find solutions to be more productive and efficient. Unity solutions can provide the right tools that make sharing and coordination of different confident information available to your staff members and to each patient everywhere, every time. It’s time to focus more on finding the best solutions for your patient instead of collecting data.

Personalized Experiences

Engage with patients, empower your teams, be effective and deliver personalized experiences. We have tailored solutions for each business, large or small, from the health industry. The way you process and share patient data, connect teams, optimize your organization effectiveness to deliver a better care is the ultimate way you can transform the health industry.

Engage the patient by sharing with him real-time information, give continuous feedback, and connect your teams so you can reduce the wait for patients.

Team collaboration

With cloud solutions, your teams and organizations can have more time to nurture the client relationship and provide him with different treatment plans in real time.


Sensitive information needs advance protection, while you can access all your data from any device anywhere. You benefit from advanced firewalls, packet inspection, antimalware programs, spam filters, and network isolation.

Public Institutions

Transform the way public institutions work

The future of public institutions lies in the digital transformation. They have to leave behind old business models and services and improve their customer and citizen engagement. Within GDPR era and European regulations in this matter, force all public institution to focus more on data security. It’s time for public institutions to stay effective, drive innovation and make a beautiful impact on citizens’ lives.

Increase public satisfaction

Since always, the public system has to be in touch with it consumers 24/7 every day, especially in a digital era. It is required for flexibility, manageability, agility. Cloud solutions can give you real-time secured access to personal and sensitive data on every channel. It also helps public institutions to stay connected all the time with its customers and deliver a way new public strategy that is built on a unified model. Our public institution`s solutions help you save money, time, build trust and resolve community issues effectively.

Always compliant with regulations

Changing regulations must not affect the workflow of a public institution. The solutions that we offer ensure each public institution to stay compliant anytime and anywhere. Unity Solutions help you fulfill your mission and engage customers and citizens by making their lives much easier with seamless services.

Drive commitment everywhere with flexible workstyle

We believe that each change, the good change, helps your teams and employees to meet all the objectives. With the right tools, they are committed, can make smarter and faster decisions with BI tools, empower service delivery. Besides that, having the options to work remotely, employees can collaborate much better, increasing productivity level and offering a better customer experience. Innovation helps you create the impact that you need. But only with the right tools.


Transform communication industry

With more and more rising expectations, the communications industry is urged to find new ways to interact with customers. Where, when and how to interact can have one simple answer: Unity Solutions cloud service. Engage with customers and leave behind the old approaches. It’s time for you to lead the market. See how we can help you win new clients.

Know your customer’s changing needs

In order to deliver effective services, having a 360 0 view of every customer, you must have the right solutions to monitor social media, to identify issues, leverage opportunities for upselling techniques, reach new customers and loyalize them.

Be agile in a competitive industry

Collaboration solutions can transform every communication company into an agile and innovative organization. It can also help you lead the market and not follow the rules that others play. Have real-time access to all data, allow your teams to collaborate through share screening, share notes, record results. Ensure their productivity with Office suite and be agile ina digital transformation era.

Improve customer satisfaction

The use of CRM, billing, ticketing system, customer support all in one place, everywhere, available on every device, helps your communication company to personalize solutions and improve customer satisfaction continuously.


Transform insurance industry

The insurance industry is facing today transformations due to customers’ expectations and to non-traditional industry entrants. In order to make a difference in the market, insurance companies must reimagine customer experience, enable a secure digital workplace, optimize operations and risk management. People come and buy from companies they trust. Your customers force you to know them.

Gain deep customer insight

Our Customer Relationship Management solution helps insurance carriers gain deep customer insight to improve customer retention and wallet enables the team to have a 360 0 view of the customers by bringing together interactions from agent, online, mobile, and service desk channels with data from external sources and existing siloed back-end systems.

Empower your agents/brokers

Our insurance solutions provide your brokers team to have real-time access to customer insights in order to gain market share and increase their sales performance. It is the safest and easiest way to increase retention and loyalty.

Collaborate in a secured workplace

Real-time collaboration and sharing in a secure and GDPR compliant workplace optimize your team’s productivity, foster innovation, discover financial market insights, empowering financial advisors.

Be everywhere and every time

Our insurance solutions allow you to have a multichannel customer experience so you can optimize your strategy to anticipate your customer needs. It allows you to personalize services, track, and monitor your brand presence. Real-time dashboards are goldmines to your employees, who can analyze and predict.


Transform retail industry

In a competitive market, millions of ads and offers surround the customer. Many of them resonate with them, other not. Empower your teams and personalize your customer experience with Unity Solutions. Reimagine your campaigns, reshape customer experience, and use analytics to understand the needs of your clients. It’s time to create relevant insights and competitive advantage.

Drive more sales

The magic word is individual. Focusing on your customer needs helps you to tailor all your successful campaigns and attractive offers. Our retail solutions allow you a deeper analysis of the market, take faster decisions, and have all good insights readily available in order to shape your brand presence on every social channel.

Deepen relationships with your customers

When you want to make your customers coming back to you and buy more, you must rethink your relationships by engaging in a specific way tailored to their needs and desires. Deliver faster by interpreting data and transform them in actions. Personalize your marketing campaigns and offers and keep your customers loyal to your brand with combined technologies such as customer relationship management and powerful analytics. Collect online and offline data with consumer information like social engagement, check-ins, profiles, and purchase history.

Define workplace for your partners and employees

A digital workplace is a perfect solution for retail associates, management and teams. Our modern collaboration tools increase productivity and ease the communication flow, helping you forget about infinite emails. Your employees will share information in real time on every device, serving clients much faster. In the same time, your organization will benefit from security.


Know your customer

In order to build a strong customer relationship, the legal and insurance companies must personalize experiences. With innovative cloud solutions, you can optimize sales by delivering marketing and offers targeted to specific customer needs. Advance analytics gives you the advantage of knowing in real time data-driven insights and anticipate your next move.

Create a secure environment

Employees love tools that help them to personalize services utilizing predictive insights. Boost sales by taking advantage of SaaS-based financial application data to deliver the right offer at the right time. With cloud solutions you can ensure a perfectly secure environment wherever your team is, using the device that they love most.

Get the benefits of software services in the cloud

Capitalize on the lower cost, flexibility, and faster data analysis gained by using banking software services in the cloud. Spend less for on-premises IT so you can focus on innovation. Reinvest your savings and gains in areas such as product development and enhanced customer service.