How much does the productivity value? Find out about Manage & IT Business Solutions

In the past years, social technologies have played a key role in the global economic environment. By using social technologies, companies have the option to raise the productivity of its employees by 20 to 25%.

Why is that you may ask? Nowadays the IT solutions have given social interactions the speed of the internet. Think about the way people are using social media platforms to seek and share information. They are integrated in the company’s communication strategy in order to share the main news with their consumer. However, these social platforms offer the opportunity to have special and vital insights about your public.

72% of companies use IT solutions because they want to reach their consumer and gather insights for product development, customer service, and marketing.

One McKinsey Global Institute study shows that 66% of CIO from top-performing enterprises consider collaboration as one of the main keys to innovation.

From social interactions to virtual teams

We all know that innovation belongs to teams (mostly). Even in the battles during the wars, the winners were the teams that had the best strategy. Since today business, interactions can happen anywhere in the world, technology and IT solutions give you the possibility to go beyond geographical borders and collaborate anywhere in the world. Now we talk about cross-geography and cross-department teams to work much better in a secure environment. Virtual meetings shared files in real time, problem solved issues faster are just a few advantages that a good cloud solution can give you.

Facilitate the exchange of information more efficient with Manage & IT Business Solutions

Unity Solutions offers many solutions ( that can help you achieve innovation by empowering your employees and strengthening the connections between them. They can do it anywhere, anytime and from their favorite solutions.

Reduce the time spent on different upgrades and minimize disruption by using intuitive tools for your team. Accelerate time to market and deliver new customer experiences in order to be able to grow your business. Moreover, you can do all these in a secured environment.

Find your team differentiator and connect your employees with happy customers. Innovate starting today. Read more about our solutions here.

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