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Mr. Serban Popa, Managing Partner Unity-Solutions, was one of the speakers in the 2nd panel, talking about trends in cybersecurity in GDPR era. Mr Popa is an Information Technology Consultant with more than 25 years’ experience. Particularly interested in the financial and banking sector, specialized in green-field banking projects, ERP implementation, infrastructure optimization. Project Manager in a wide variety of applications with deep implications in daily business. A major focus of the last years on IT Operations driving Business Digital Transformation through effective Technology Solutions, efficient Operating Models for all customers. Driving the Unity’s team with a focus on customer companies’ grow/scale-up, capturing market opportunities and driving customer innovation and finally success.

When assessing financial institutions, consumers of today’s financial services no longer compare banks with other banks, but experiences. With just few clicks, you can select a vendor. What do customers want? Real-time digital services through smart mobile devices: online shopping, booking a flight, and planning a holiday – everything can be easy, fast and hassle-free.

The digital pattern changed the game forever: a relevant aspect in the field of financial banking services is an active transformation of a customer’s digital life and the security, privacy, integrity, and availability of data are the levers around which applications are built in 2019.




  1. Digital Banking

Discussion Session in Focus: New Business Models in Banking Financial Services

  • What are the open banking benefits?
  • What is the best way for banks & fintech companies to become partners and to provide better customer experience?
  • How can consumers of different ages discover digital experiences?
  • How people perceive instant payments in the new payment landscape?
  • How will new technologies transform digital banking – artificial intelligence, the blockchain, cloud and the Internet of Things?
  • Human digital banking

Keynote Focus: Transforming customer experience through digital innovation


  1. Cybersecurity: Security Guides

Demos and discussions in Focuses


  • Challenges in implementing new European and national regulations
  • New security trends in the large context of the digital changes
  • Human Intelligence vs. Cyber Intelligence: Economic espionage in the banking sector
  • Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning: From smart-defence to smart attacks
  • Identity processing


  • Q & A



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